A children's sports ground in Glasgow has been left to rot for seven months after being attacked by vandals, parents say.

The multi-use games area at St Angela's Primary, Darnley, was badly damaged in a spate of attacks last summer.

The school's football team has been unable to use the pitch after the goalposts were stolen and parts of the turf ripped up, leaving dangerous gaping holes.

A group of parents who coach the team of boys and girls say that, despite telling Glasgow City Council about the damage, nothing has been done to fix it.

And Greater Pollok councillor David McDonald has branded the inaction "neglectful and embarrassing."

Dad and coach Tom Buik, of Deaconsbank, says efforts to keep the children involved in sport are being blighted.

Mr Buik, 43, who has two children at the school, said: "Parts of the pitch are unusable – the white markings have been removed, leaving holes inches wide and deep.

"It is too dangerous to play on – someone could break their ankle.

"Despite a number of approaches to the council we have seen no work carried out or heard any- thing about plans to improve it."

Mr Buik runs the team along with fellow parents Paul Lett, who is head coach, and goalkeeping coach Christopher Moore.

The team of 16 was started last August and is made up of children from primaries 5-7.

They play in the Dolan League with other schools in south-west Glasgow, but they have to ask another school, St Bernard's Primary, to use its ground for home matches.

Councillor McDonald said: "Not fixing the problems immediately was disappointing, but to leave it for seven months is neglectful and embarrassing.

"The parents and pupils are to be commended for their hard work and dedication in setting up the school team, for their fundraising efforts and for promoting sport and a healthy lifestyle to the children.

"It's a great pity the council has not shown the same enthusiasm.

"The council is promoting sport and physical activity ahead of the Commonwealth Games, but in many communities it can't even get the basics right."

A council spokesman said: "St Angela's is part of a city-wide synthetic pitch repairs programme.

"The weather has caused some delay, but, St Angela's is a priority and we hope to make a start there next month."

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