A 12-FEET pile of rubbish is causing a stink after being ignored for two years.

An investigation has been launched by an environment watchdog following complaints.

A land owner at Shawfield Industrial Estate, Rutherglen, claims about 10,000 tonnes of smelly, rotting rubbish has been dumped on land beside his business premises for the past two years.

He said he and other plot owners had lodged their complaints to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) and also South Lanarkshire Council.

The agency has confirmed it will be undertaking an investigation relating to the waste.

The rubbish is piled up on a piece of ground behind Jewson's Building Merchants in Glasgow Road, and the plot owner claimed the waste is attracting rats and seagulls and oozing foul-smelling liquid.

He said his company and others businesses are being affected by the mess, which is not fenced off and creates a dirty and unhygienic image outside their shops.

The local landowner, who did not want to be named, said: "It has been attracting rats and the rubbish smells.

It is piled high, with things such as fridges, car tyres, about 1000 bicycle tyres, asbestos, needles and corrugated sheeting.

"It is not fenced off and people are coming in with rubbish.

"It is totally ugly and there are birds all over the waste."

Businesses at the industrial estate include a carpet shop, a furniture shop, a timber yard and a number of other different firms.

A spokesman for South Lanarkshire Council said: "Unfortunately, this area and some of the surrounding former industrial locations in Rutherglen are habitually used by fly tippers.

"Efforts are made in conjunction with Sepa to tackle these issues as they arise.

"While the location is not owned by the council we will investigate complaints from the public and businesses with a view to catching offenders and remedying the fly tipping."

Douglas Trainer, Jewson area director, said: "Although this land lies outside our perimeter fence we can confirm it is owned by Jewson and we are taking action to address the issue."

A Sepa spokesman said: "We will be undertaking an investigation in response to complaints relating to waste at 257 Glasgow Road."

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