SCOTTISH Transport Minister Keith Brown is to discuss plans to build a bus station in Paisley.

Paisley has no dedicated area for bus passengers, who have to make do with main stops under the Piazza Shopping Centre in Central Road and along the busy front of Gilmour Street railway station.

Mr Adam and Gary Kerr, a Paisley businessman and engineer who has used his own time and resources to draw up the plans, will get the chance to make their case when Mr Brown visits the town on March 12.

Mr Kerr says a rundown tenement in Incle Street, which is so neglected parts of its roof are missing, could be demolished to provide an ideal location for a bus terminal, right next door to Gilmour Street station.

From there it is only a short bus journey to Glasgow Airport, so he thinks the location could provide a modern integrated hub.

Mr Adam said: "During a session of parliament I explained the idea has been driven by Gary, who produced detailed plans for the bus station at the empty site behind the old Arnotts store.

"This would leave potential development around the site for shopping and leisure, as well as delivering customers right to the doorstep of Paisley and the Piazza Shopping Centre.

"We have been in contact with a number of parties to move the project further, including delivering the detailed blueprint to the council more than six months ago."

Mr Kerr said: "I appreciate George's backing for my idea and am delighted he has been able to secure some time with the Transport Minister to see the positive vision we have for Paisley."

Mr Brown said: "The Scottish Government recognises the benefits of improved integration of public transport.

"I welcome this opportunity to see at first hand how Paisley is developing a bus station as a local solution that will improve services for all users."