DRIVERS have slammed the council over a "dangerous" dip in a Glasgow city centre road.

The surface at the junction between Killermont Street, Renfrew Street and West Nile Street, appears to be sinking, and working loose, forcing motorists to swerve to avoid the potholes.

Just two months ago a major resurfacing of Renfrew Street was completed.

However, work stopped at the junction with West Nile Street, outside Cineworld, just feet from where the road appears to be sinking.

It is one of the busiest routes for commuters in the city centre and buses using Buchanan Bus Station.

Last November we reported how subsidence was causing misery for road users with holes suddenly appearing in Waterloo Street, Renfrew Street and Renfield Street within days of each other.

Now motorists say the uneven road surface is an accident waiting to happen.

Jean Henderson, 43, from Cumbernauld, drives into the city every day for work.

She said: "The roads are breaking up and crumbling. Outside Cineworld, there is a big dip appearing in the road and everyone is swinging wide to avoid it. I think it is really dangerous."

The council said plans are in place to permanently repair the road.

Across the city, many readers have reported bad patches of road to the Evening Times Pothole Watch campaign.

Dean Scott, 20, of Stevenston, said: "They need to fix them far quicker than they do."

Taxi driver Drew Baine, 53, from Kirkintilloch, said: "The potholes are terrible in the city centre. There's a phone number to call regarding the potholes but you'd be waiting years chasing up any compensation for damage."

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: "The road has already been assessed and is being programmed for permanent repair."

l As reported in yesterday's Evening Times you can use a new app to report potholes. It is available by searching for Glasgow City Council in the app store on a smartphone or tablet and is free to download.