A COUPLE share a kiss on a campaign march.

Two happy Partick Thistle fans celebrate their team's promotion to the Premier league.

The splendour of Glasgow University caught in the winter sun.

Just three of the images that "Capture Glasgow", according to those who live here.

City dwellers were asked to record their thoughts about Scotland's largest city on Twitter, using words, pictures or poetry.

Dozens of people responded to the month-long project, which was launched by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health.

Most responses focused on the positive aspects of the city, including the plethora of parks, technological advances and friendliness, with one posting: "Glasgow is an open, friendly city."

Another highlighted the city's celebrated architecture, tweeting: "Glasgow has some of the world's least-known but most striking buildings."

One woman summed up her feelings about arriving home by train. She said: "Coming back from any trip away from Glasgow, looking out for the Clyde and then crossing over the bridge to Central Station, I am overwhelmed by the feeling that this is where I feel at home."

However, one resident, Edwin Moore, touched on the poverty that blights parts of Glasgow, saying: "The city has serious deprivation and has been let down by a long line of politicians who have written Glasgow's poor out of the official version of the city."

In one picture, a couple share a kiss on a march campaigning against welfare cuts. For David Moffat, an Eastern European woman busking on Sauchiehall Street provided inspiration for a poem, touching on the city's immigrant population: "Waves of the Danube, flows down Sauchiehall Street."

Sheena Fletcher, E-Communications Officer for Glasgow Centre for Population Health said: "We received some really artistic and inspiring contributions, so we have decided to keep Capture Glasgow running.

"Over time we hope to create an interesting collection of how people have captured Glasgow.

"The submissions on the whole were very positive - people have a big place in their hearts for Glasgow."

If you would like to be part of the project, tweet your ideas and pictures to @theGCPH - use the hashtag #CaptureGlasgow

If you're not on Twitter, you can email your text and images to Sheena.Fletcher@glasgow.gov.uk

The pilot phase responses are available to view online at http://www.gcph.co.uk/

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