OPPOSITION councillors have called for a report into teacher numbers in Glasgow's schools.

Last month the First Minister, Alex Salmond, said that Glasgow City Council was accountable for the entire drop in teaching posts across Scotland.

He said that while there was a reduction in teaching posts in Scotland of 175 in the last year, Glasgow City Council had seen a reduction of 181.

Mhairi Hunter, the SNP's education spokeswoman on Glasgow City Council, called for the council to report to the committee responsible for schools, to explain the situation and to give up to date pupil teacher ratios.

She said: "While there has been real and welcome progress in Glasgow schools, the ­issue of teacher numbers has been raised as an area of concern.

"The steady increase in the pupil teacher ratio across our schools is of particular concern.

"That is why I have requested that Education Services draft a report for the Children and Families committee on the current position and what the implications are for education in Glasgow."

Ms Hunter added: "It is important that we all understand the reasons for teacher numbers being at current levels and what steps can be taken if required to remedy any emerging problems."