VISITORS to Pollok Park are cooing over its latest arrivals.

Just over a fortnight ago, award winning Highland cow Miread gave birth to a bouncing baby bundle of joy.

The male calf, which has been named McLeod of Pollok, is at the moment tiny compared to his mum.

But in time, he will grow to weigh almost one ton.

The youngster comes from a background which is the equivalent of animal royalty, as Miread and dad Uallach Ruadh are both Supreme Champions.

Pollok livestock supervisor Malcolm Moy said: "The calf is yellow and is a gorgeous little chap who is tame and friendly with a wonderful pedigree."

And McLeod has a little girlfriend.

On New Year's Day, a little yellow calf called Maggie became the latest addition to the herd.

Her mum, Maggie Dubh, is black but the youngster has taken after her dad, Calum the Fouth of Pollok.

The park has an award winning herd of around 80 Highland cattle.

Highlanders, with the shaggy coats and wide horns, have a long association with Pollok. The estate's original owners, the Maxwell family, were breeding prize winning cattle on the land around 1830.

All the cattle are pedigree and registered with the Highland Cattle Society and each animal is named, traditionally in the Gaelic, following family names.

Highland cattle come in a variety of colours including black, white, red, yellow, dun, brindle as well as the recognised colours mixed with white.

Glasgow's Highland cattle fold has animals from the full spectrum of colours.