A FATHER was ­today beginning a life sentence in prison after brutally murdering his wife in their Glasgow home.

As reported in late editions of yesterday's Evening Times, Abbas Nikabady stabbed his wife Fatemeh Bostani 29 times during the attack.

Nikabady, 44, of Cardonald, was ordered to serve at least 18 years behind bars before being eligible for parole.

Today it was revealed Nikabady was found guilty of assaulting his son, Pedram Nikabady, less than a year before the murder.

After stabbing the 43-year-old, Nikabady walked to a nearby ­police station and said: "I've killed my wife. I brought out her heart."

The mother-of-two was killed in the kitchen of the family home in Moss Heights Avenue on June 3.

Nikabady was found guilty on December 9 of murdering his wife of 22 years by assaulting her and striking her with a knife at their home in Moss Heights.

He tried to hide his crime by disposing of the weapon used in the attack.

Procurator Fiscal for the West of Scotland, John Dunn, said: "This was a sad crime of a husband murdering his wife.

"But Nikabady was conscious of his guilt and tried unsuccessfully to conceal his crime by disposing of the murder weapon."

Nikabady, who was described as ­obses­sionally jealous, ­attacked his wife, after they returned to their home from a shopping trip.

He used such force that two knives were broken on her body.

Judge ­Norman Ritchie QC said: "The ferocity of your attack was shocking. It was a terrifying end to her life to be attacked in her own home by the man whom she loved, honoured and obeyed."