A FORMER Glasgow cop who stole £200,000 and seized drugs from a strong room at Scotland's most secure police station was ordered to hand over more than £5000 in a crime profit seizure.

A judge was told that the amount to be confiscated was Dean Burnett's "realisable assets", but the Crown warned they may seek to increase the order should he have access to funds in a police pension in future.

Compulsive gambler Burnett, 43, admitted stealing more than £200,000 and drugs, including cocaine and cannabis, from the Helen Street police station in Glasgow during his trial at the High Court in Edinburgh last year.

Prosecutors brought a proceeds of crime action against Burnett of Rosevale Street, in Partick, who was jailed for 45 months, to confiscate illegal profits.

Burnett was allowed three months to pay the confiscation order.