GLASGOW will become the first city in the UK to host an international event which will have women running up walls.

Top coaches from England, Italy and Sweden will descend on the city for two-days of practical training in parkour, or free running.

Parkour, invented in France, sees runners using the city as an obstacle course; jumping, climbing and vaulting over walls, railing and bollards.

Organised by Glasgow Parkour Girls, the first women's parkour club in Scotland, the Women's Day Parkour Clamjamfrie will run on Saturday and Sunday, March 8 and 9.

Around 40 parkour enthusiasts, as well as people interested in circus skills and the Brazilian martial art capoeira, are expected to attend.

The Glasgow Parkour Girls - who are supported by Glasgow Parkour Coaching - formed around five years ago.

Club member Fiona Boyd, 22, a post graduate student at Glasgow University, said the weekend event is aimed at breaking down the risky reputation of parkour and raising awareness of the sport among women.

Participants of all abilities, aged 12 or over, are welcome to attend.

Fiona, from the West End, said: "We love parkour and we know it is amazing but we appreciate it can be portrayed as a macho sport.

"We have got coaches from all over Europe coming to the event and we hope it can became an annual occasion."

Tickets are £20 for two days or £10 for one day, for more information visit