TWO Glasgow MSPs have called for it to be easier to allow homeowners to change factors.

Patricia Ferguson of Labour and the SNP's Sandra White osaid they had a caseload of concerns from owners regarding property factors.

Ms Ferguson published a factors bill in 2011 which included a new Code of Conduct to drive up standards in the industry.

A Home Owners Housing Panel was also set up following concerns that some factors were providing a poor service and owners had no redress.

The law allows owners to sack their factor and replace with a new one if two thirds agree.

However, it has emerged that with so many absentee landlords in many larger developments in Glasgow and elsewhere it is difficult to contact all owners to secure the required majority.

During a debate in the Scottish Parliament Ms Ferguson, Maryhill and Springburn MSP and Ms White, Kelvin MSP, agreed it has to be made easier and they want factors to be obliged to reveal details of owners who are landlords. Ms Ferguson said: "I can understand why the Government wants to consider the approach, which I agree would be a step forward."

However, she urged caution that that alone may not solve the problem. She added: "By making it possible for factors to give out contact details we might enable people to fulfil a requirement to contact all owners, but that will not guarantee owners' co-operation, which is the important aspect.

Ms White backed the idea and said action was needed to ensure tenants of absentee landlords receive a fair deal. She said: "There are problems at times with the two-thirds majority requirement and with absentee landlords, and it is important we look at those issues."