MEMBERS of a Glasgow Sikh temple have called for justice for the hundreds of their fellow believers killed in a 1984 massacre in India - after it emerged that the UK Government might have been involved.

Previously secret documents released recently following the lapse of the 30 year rule indicate that a British officer helped the Indian authorities come up with a plan to remove Sikh separatists from the city of Amritstar's Golden Temple, the religion's holiest site.

The files also the show that figures at the top of the British Government - including Margaret Thatcher - were aware of the possible involvement.

It is not known whether plans drawn up were actually used.

The Indian government's operation saw hundreds of Sikhs killed but the death toll is still disputed, with the officials claiming 400 died and Sikhs saying it was over 1000.

Prime Minister David Cameron reacted to the documents this week by setting up an inquiry.

Sikhs from the Glasgow Gurdwara have welcomed these moves but say the revelations come 30 years too late.

Surinder Singh, president of Gurdwara Guru Granth Sahib, on Albert Drive in the South Side, has written to the PM calling for the full facts of the massacre to be exposed.

Mr Singh said: "I am shocked at what these documents reveal and am extremely agitated at the thought that the British Government and its agencies could have played a part in the eventual massacre, .

"This is and will remain one of the darkest episodes for the Republic of India and is a clear instance of grave human rights abuses committed under the auspices of the State.

He added: "2014 is the 30th anniversary of this atrocity, and still the story is incomplete."