A BURST water main in Glasgow's Garnethill could cause traffic delays.

Scottish Water bosses confirmed a four inch water main has burst on Renfrew Street and workers are assessing the damage.

Repairs could mean partially closing the street although properties in the area are unaffected.

The repairs bid comes as homes in Largs were left without water last night.

A spokesman for Scottish Water confirmed staff were still on site this morning, although he could not say if water supplies had returned.

Around 10pm last night, householders

in the area reported low pressure and discoloured water.

Meanwhile, around 100 properties were affected following a suspecte burst water main in Largs, North Ayrshire yesterday.

A spokesman for Scottish Water said: "A suspected burst water main caused a temporary loss of normal water supplies to up to about 100 properties in the north of Largs for about five hours on Sunday.

"We restored normal water supplies after we by-passed a service reservoir where we suspect there is a minor burst, which led to the lowering of the reservoir.

"We are putting water back into the affected reservoir and we are using another service reservoir in the meantime. We are also working to locate and repair the burst.

"Scottish Water apologises for any inconvenience caused to the affected customers."