A JUNIOR football boss has slammed the "animals" who destroyed £2000 of equipment.

Firebugs set light to a steel container holding goods belonging to Blantyre Victoria Football Club, a junior team.

Match Secretary Andy McDade said the club is devastated by the attack.

He said: "The boys are very upset. The container held a range of things from wheelbarrows, grass cutters, paint and garden forks to our coffee machine, the washing machine for our strips and the copier for our programmes.

"It all adds up to around £2000 of kit and we can't afford to replace it."

Thugs struck at around 12.30am on Tuesday morning, setting light to one of two containers at the back of the Castle Park pavilion, in Blantyre.

Mr McDade, who lives near the grounds, said fire crews emptied out the club's blackened belongings.

The 65-year-old added: "None of it could be saved. The firefighters laid it all out on the grass and it was completely ruined, just blackened."

Tuesday's attack is not the first time the club's Castle Park home has been targeted.

Mr McDade said the team's grounds are repeatedly under attack from vandals.