Helicopter operators have agreed they are liable for losses suffered by the victims of the Clutha disaster.

Bond have confirmed most claims made by the 50 victims of the Glasgow pub crash "should be capable of being settled without delay".

The helicopter company's statement came after Thompsons Solicitors, who are representing victims said Bond had agreed they are liable for losses suffered by those killed or injured in the Glasgow pub.

Bond Helicopters have have agreed to make interim payments to the victims

Thompsons have welcomed the move on behalf of Bond which will help their clients cover loss of salary while full compensation is agreed.

Bond said: "While the causes of the tragedy remain unknown, we confirmed from the outset  that we were committed to ensuring proper compensation was paid to all of those who have suffered loss as a result of the accident. 

"We will continue to ensure that issues raised by anyone who calls the helpline are dealt with as soon as practicably possible.

 "Most claims should be capable of being settled without delay however, for complex claims which may take longer to resolve, and where appropriate, we will make interim payments without the need for each party to apply to the Court."

The development comes two weeks after victims launched a legal action against the operator of the police helicopter which plunged into the Stockwell Street pub on November 29.

The pilot and two police officers on board, as well as seven people who were in the building, died as a result of the collision.

Thompsons say the interim payments have come as the victims have been unable to work since the accident and have incurred significant loss of earnings.

Hannah Bennett, a lawyer with Thompson's Clutha legal team, said: "The commencement of interim payments from Bond Helicopters to Clutha victims is a very significant milestone and is welcomed.

"Many of our clients are suffering from ongoing physical and psychological symptoms as a result of their involvement in this tragic and life changing event."

Bond said that since the "terrible tragedy" they have been working with Glasgow City Council and other parties to see how bereaved families and the local community can best be supported.

In December Bond established and publicised two helpline numbers (free from both landlines and mobile phones) on 0800 1388 544 or 01623 786 808