NEIGHBOURS living next to a Glasgow house which is sinking into a 10ft deep hole fear the same will happen to their properties.

Isabel Weir's home is two doors away from the crumbling property at 202 Millroad Drive, Calton, in the east of Glasgow.

As the Evening Times revealed last Monday, the homeowners were forced to leave the property a month ago when a crater opened up in their garden and the building began collapsing.

In the past two weeks the Thenue Housing tenant next door to the sinking house was re-homed - and now other neighbours have raised concerns.

As our pictures show, the subsidence is worsening.

The path in the back garden, along with fencing, has fallen into the hole, while broken piping is visible.

Ms Weir, 52, who has lived in her house for seven years along with her 20-year-old daughter, said she became alarmed after finding cracks forming in other properties in the estate.

The Thenue Housing tenant, said: "I noticed cracks in the house next to me and at the back of my house.

"It's just getting worse all the time. Every time I hear a noise, I freeze.

"I honestly think the house beside us has fallen down completely.

"I was watching TV the other night and my daughter ran in and said she had heard a bang - she thought we'd had it."

Ms Weir, a cleaner, said she was desperate to remain in her home and is in regular contact with Thenue.

However, she said she felt neighbours were not being given any information on the sinking home, which is part of a terrace.

She said: "When I see an engineer there I run out and ask them if they can tell me anything.

"But no-one has been at any of our doors to tell us what's happening.

"The housing association has been helpful but we want to know if the house will be demolished."

Structural engineers for the private house owners and Thenue are still assessing the damage and trying to find how out why it is happening.

Scottish Water is also carrying out an investigation at the site.

Local MSP John Mason had called for urgent action from the council on subsidence.

He said Millroad Drive residents needed to be "kept in the loop".

He added: "Glasgow City Council's Building Control Department has responsibility for issuing dangerous building orders, etc.

"I accept that they want to give owners a certain amount of time to think through options.

"However, past experience says that they give owners far too much time and the general public seem to have been treated as an afterthought."

A council spokeswoman said: "We have notified the owners' representatives that we intend to issue a dangerous building notice in due course to ensure that works are carried out to address the dangerous structure.

"However we are still trying to establish more about the cause of the subsidence and until this has been explored further we won't be able to decide the best way forward with the notice.

"We understand this is a very difficult time for people living in the area but we are monitoring and liaising with the owners' agents to resolve this issue."

A spokesman from Thenue Housing Association said: "The safety of this tenant is of paramount concern but for the moment we are waiting on finding out the what the structural condition of the building is."