THIS distinctive horse has been turning heads as she bears a strip-ing resemblance to a Zebra.

Owner Maria McKenna, 23, from Springburn, now regularly has to convince people that her 19-year-old fjord is a horse and not a variety of the black and white striped African equid family.

Animal lover Maria has experimented with Petri's haircuts over the years before deciding to disguise her faithful friend as a zebra.

And after spending more than four hours trimming her beloved horse's mane, Petri is now a cut above the rest as on-lookers have fallen for the cheeky hair-do.

Petri is kept on land at a private farm in Faifley, near Clydebank, where she has been turning more than a few heads.

Maria said: "There were people working in one of the fields and they were convinced that she was a zebra or a donkey.

"They actually came up to me to ask so I set them straight and told them she's actually a horse.

"We even had a man come out of his house to ask us as he wanted to settle a debate in his house as to what she actually was."

Maria rides the mare along country roads near to her the farm and said she takes pleasure in fooling passers-by.

She added: "I always trim her mane into different shapes so this time I made her very stripy, which fooled a lot of people into thinking she is a zebra.

"Some people look completely gobsmacked as they're driving on the road by the field and others just laugh their heads off.

"People still ask us if she is a horse or a zebra, so my friends Lori always likes to wind them up but she usually gives the game away."

Maria is open to suggestions for Petri's next cut which will take place later in the year.