CRIMINAL gangs are risking the lives of Glasgow youngsters by adding a toxic chemical to party drugs.

Police are warning young people, especially clubbers, about para-methoxyamphetamine (PMA) - a substance that can be five times stronger than ecstasy.

It is better-known as Pink Superman or Dr Death - in the form of pills, which cost as little as £3.

PMA is chemically similar to ecstasy - and is often sold as such but it is much more toxic.Area commander for Glasgow city centre Chief Inspector Alan Porte warned criminals producing and selling the drug are risking people's lives.

He said: "Anyone who buys drugs from an illicit dealer, really doesn't know what they are getting - and that adds to the danger.

"No-one can be sure exactly what is in these pills.

"There are people out there more concerned with making a profit from selling illicit drugs than your health and welfare. Please don't let them take risks with your life."

Dozens of deaths, over the past decade, are thought to have involved dangerous stimulants in "party pills".

The deaths of seven young Scots last summer were linked to the Green Rolex version of the pills, which are also often sold as ecstasy.

As reported in last night's Evening Times, Police Scotland confirmed that the super-strength 'ecstasy look-alikes' are currently available in the West of Scotland.

Anyone with any information about the distribution or production of the tablets is asked to contact police on 101.