A LORRY driver has been suspended after he was caught using his mobile phone while at a busy junction.

Gary Lynn, of Kilmore Grove, Coatbridge was hit with a three-week ban, from today, by Scotland's Deputy Traffic Commissioner.

He was caught on his phone by police on June 28 last year in Riverside Drive in Dundee.

He was stopped and issued with a fixed penalty of £60.

Deputy Commissioner Richard McFarlane said the fact that the offence had taken place at a busy junction was one of the "aggravating factors" in the case.

He added: "On any view he could not be properly in control of the vehicle at that part of the journey or indeed any part of the journey when he was holding/using the device. This in itself renders driver Lynn unfit to continue to hold the LGV and provisional PSV licences."

Mr McFarlane also noted two speeding offences on his licence, which was endorsed with nine points at the time of the hearing.

He said this was, "not impressive for a professional driver" and added: "The Traffic Commissioner for Scotland and her colleagues have been at pains to highlight the dangers of using hand-held devices whilst driving."