A DEAD man has been identified as the killer in one of Scotland's oldest unsolved murders.

The Crown Office has today named Alexander Gartshore, who was the prime suspect in the murder of schoolgirl Moira Anderson 57 years ago, as her killer.

It said Gartshore, who died in 2006, would have been indicted for the child's murder if he were still alive.

The move comes after fresh evidence in the case which was

reopened in 2012.

Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland QC said: "This will hopefully bring closure to the family of Moira Anderson who have had to wait more than half a century for answers."

Moira left her grandmother's house in Coatbridge and was never seen again. Her body has never been recovered.

Gartshore, a bus driver, last saw Moira alive and was convicted of child sex offences six weeks after her disappearance.

He was questioned by officers in 1992 but denied any involvement and charges were never brought.