Animal rescue staff in Bothwell are experiencing a bunny boom.

For the Scottish SPCA have so many adorable bunnies waiting for loving new homes.

Staff at the centre based on Bothwell Road in Hamilton are keen to encourage would-be pet owners to consider a rescue rabbit rather than buying a new bunny because the charity has so many in its care right now.

Lorraine Alba, assistant manager, said, "We're currently looking after sixteen rabbits at the moment with more coming in each day.

"We rescue them for a wide variety of reasons. Many are found hopping about outdoors on their own while others are removed from their owners because they aren't getting the proper care and attention they need.

"Regardless of their background they are all deserving of a second chance and we're hoping people will come forward to offer them good, permanent and, most of all, loving homes."

She added: "Our longest resident is Norma and this poor girl has been with us for almost four months now. It's very sad to see animals being constantly overlooked and Norma in particular is an extremely pretty big bun who would make an excellent pet for someone with experience of keeping and handling rabbits.

"We also have some adorable young bunnies who are full of fun and mischief and with the right owners they'll go on to be wonderful family pets.

"Domestic rabbits do need lots of care and attention, particularly when it comes to their diet and maintenance of teeth and nails.

"Anyone looking to rehome a rabbit for the first time should do plenty of research and make sure that they have the time and commitment to care for their bunny for life, which could be up to eight years or more.

"The happiest rabbits are those who have plenty to do with lots of stimulation and company, be that from other rabbits or their owners.

"They are very intelligent and sociable creatures who can be trained to use a litter tray and can even respond to their name when called.

"We'd love to hear from anyone thinking about rehoming a rabbit, we might just have the perfect pet waiting here."

Anyone who can offer a rabbit a forever home is being urged to contact the Scottish SPCA's Lanarkshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre on 03000 999 999.