A TEAM in Glasgow working to foster vulnerable children is campaigning to stop the myths surrounding the process.

Leading agency Fostering Solutions, which opened an office and information centre in Glasgow's West End in November, has recruited around 10 families to help provide care and support to children who have had to be removed from their families.

But they say miscon-ceptions about fostering mean that young people, from new-borns to teenagers, are missing out.

There are 3761 children in the care of Glasgow City Council, with 1176 currently in foster care.

Recruitment officer Rosa Orr, social worker Gemma Noble and team adminis-trator Della Martin are working with the council to recruit families to address a shortage of carers.

One of the concerns Glasgow residents have is the "bedroom tax".

Under the revised law foster carers are allowed to have one extra bedroom without paying the subsidy.

Ms Orr added: "We have had a few people coming in recently asking about bedroom tax."

Ms Noble said: "Carers are exempt. If they are registered as foster carers they are exempt, regardless of whether or not there's a child there because they recognise it will be used."

The team say the shop-style office at 1544A Great Western Road was helping to attract people with an interest in fostering.

Ms Orr said: "Before, people wouldn't have known where to go - but if you spot the office here you can just come in and ask whatever questions you want. People come in with random questions. They might say: 'I've always wanted to do it but I don't think I can because I was ill when I was younger, or I am single.'

"They also think they might not be able to foster because they have never had children or have children.

"There are so many reasons why people think they won't be able to do it.

"You have to be over 21, you've got to be financially stable enough to manage in times when you wouldn't get paid - because you only get paid when you've got a child in placement with you.

"You need to be able to provide a secure, loving home environment for the child as well. And you've got to have a spare room."

However, she said they were looking for people from all backgrounds.

She said: "You can be gay, you can be single, you can rent your home - you don't have to own your home.

"Children come from all different backgrounds so we like our carers to come from diverse backgrounds too."

For information, visit fosteringsolutions.com