THEY may look cute and cuddly, but Buddy and Trio will soon be delivering "wuff" justice to Scotland's criminals.

The 10-week-old Cocker Spaniels pups will be joining Police Scotland's elite sniffer dogs, hunting for weapons, drugs, cash, stolen items and explosives.

Canine crime fighters Buddy and Trio have already started training at Police Scotland's Dog Unit base in Pollok Park, Glasgow.

As well as sniffing out drugs, weapons or explosives, Buddy and Trio could train in victim recovery and help find missing people.

Inspector Fiona Aird predicts the puppies will be perfect police dogs.

She said: "Buddy, and his sister Trio, were specially choosen because of the pedigree and working ability of their family.

"Right now, the main task for both Buddy and Trio is to get used to different environments and surroundings.

"This includes meeting different people, and finding their way around different buildings.

"At this young age, using their sight, scent, and hearing is very important."

And at 10 weeks, both are already showing signs they will follow in their family's paw prints.

The police pooches will be taught their crime-fighting craft when they are between 12 and 18-months-old.

Inspector Aird, from the Mounted and Dog Branch, said: "The pups will be looked after and trained by dog unit instructors for their first year.

"They will be based at our Dog Unit in Pollok Park, but they will go home with their instructor every night.

"When they turn one, we will assess the needs of dog branches across the country and decided where they will be working.

"For instance, if a specialist search dog is retiring in one part of the country, they could be sent there to replace that dog.

Police Scotland's West Command Dog Branch has around 50 dogs currently working with officers.

Earlier this month, Police Scotland put pictures of the furry rookies on its Facebook page - which were viewed more than 130,000 times in less than a day.

And although their training will be stepped up as they grow older, the force said: "There will be plenty of opportunities for Buddy and Trio to have fun along the way."