What does your company do?

September Street is an online boutique showcasing premium women's fashion designers with an ethical ethos at its heart. All our designers are committed to using sustainable materials, responsible sourcing and the majority are made in the UK.

Where are you based?

At the Entrepreneurial Spark offices in the Gorbals, providing me with business support and free office space.

How did you get started?

I began from home in the evenings while doing a temp job in Edinburgh. I moved back to Glasgow last summer so I could really concentrate on my business and make the most of the opportunities on offer through Entrepreneurial Spark. The business has snowballed since then.

What is your background?

I did my MA (Hons) in Sustainable Development at St Andrews University. While I was studying, I researched how and where clothes were made and was shocked by a lot of my discoveries.

I could no longer justify spending my hard-earned cash on clothes that I could not guarantee were not created in sweatshop conditions, so I set out to find on alternative.

There are so many amazing designers creating beautiful clothing, but they are not getting the mainstream exposure they deserve. So I started September Street.

What is your top tip?

Just do it. There is no use dreaming about what could be. You have to go out there and get on with it if you want to turn your dreams into a reality.

How long has your business been running?

We officially started trading last June.

Has anyone helped you get started and how?

I will always be thankful for the support and advice my dad has given me during the early stages of starting my business. He also contributed some money to top up my savings.

I also received financial support from Youth Business Scotland.

The business accelerator and team at Entrepreneurial Spark have also played a vital role in helping me get off the ground. The advice and support they provide through mentoring and challenging your business proposition and personal development is unparalleled.

Who was/is your mentor/or inspiration?

I really admire women such as Karren Brady (vice-president of West Ham United FC) and Sheryl Sandberg (chief operating officer of Facebook) - both are working in male-dominated industries and just get on with it without letting anything hold them back.

I also draw a lot of inspiration from the other business owners within Entrepreneurial Spark. I also have a few business mentors who give me advice on different aspects of running a business, such as accountancy and marketing.