Love was in the air at a safari park as the animals were given some special Valentine's Day-themed treats.

African lion and lioness Dudley and Saskia shared a heart-shaped ice sculpture which was flavoured with horse blood and blackcurrant cordial at Blair Drummond Safari Park near Stirling.

Other members of the pride also joined in the fun, as five-month-old Karis braved the Scottish winter rain to get a taste of the treats.

At the other side of the park, black and white ruffed lemurs Tia, Ziggy and Anya enjoyed frozen heart-shaped fruit and nibbled on roses.

Dave Warren, educational officer at the park, said: "This is what goes on behind the scenes at the safari park. We're closed for the winter at the moment but it's important throughout this time to carry out enrichment which is to stimulate and encourage the animals' inquisitive nature.

"What we've done is provided a number of enrichment devices in the shape of hearts for the animals, following a Valentine's Day theme."

The safari park reopens to the public on March 22.