A benefit gig for people affected by The Clutha bar helicopter crash has seen top bands join a day of music in a famous Glasgow venue.

Frightened Rabbit and Big Country were among the acts brought together at the Barrowlands to help raise funds for families and survivors of the tragedy.

Ten people died after both engines on the aircraft failed on the night of November 29 last year, sending it plunging through the roof of The Clutha, a popular city music venue.

"The gig is to reflect, reminisce and most importantly look forward to the future," according to the advance billing of the Barrowlands gig.

"It is a gig for people to celebrate everything that is good about Glasgow and The Clutha past and present, in order to help Glasgow move on and put the heartache of tragic events in November behind it.

"The event will be testament to the love for such venues in the city."

The event began at 2pm, running late into the night.

An accident report, published on Friday, gave some details about what happened to the helicopter.

Both engines had ''flamed out'' before the EC135 helicopter, which was assisting police operations, crashed into the pub killing all three on board and seven others in the pub.

It was carrying 76kg (168lb) of fuel in its main fuel tank and there was no evidence of blockages or leakages, according to the special bulletin from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB).

Examination of the engines showed ''no evidence of foreign object damage or intake or exhaust blockage in either engine''.

No faults were found with the transmission or rotor system, there was no evidence of structural failure or in-flight fire and no evidence of damage caused by bird strike or a foreign object hitting the aircraft in flight.

No CCTV recordings had been obtained which captured the end of the flight and the recorded radio transmissions did not contain any reference by the crew to difficulties with the aircraft.