A RECORD number of dog owners have been fined for failing to clean up after their pets.

In the past 10 months, the number of people issued with fines has almost doubled.

Clean Glasgow's ongoing campaign to force irresponsible dog owners to clean up their act has resulted in 1398 fixed penalty notices issued since April last year - almost double the 760 fines handed out in the previous year.

The anti-dog fouling campaign has received overwhelming public support.

Last year, 1298 calls were made to the Clean Glasgow hotline about problems with dog dirt.

Enforcement officers from Community Safety Glasgow - the city council's partner in Clean Glasgow - are continuing to monitor local neighbourhoods to spot anyone creating a potential health hazard by failing to clean up after their dog.

Council leader Gordon Matheson, who is chairman of the Clean Glasgow Campaign, said: "We have run a sustained campaign against dog fouling which has taken in both education and enforcement.

"We have aimed to change people's habits by making it clear irresponsible behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

"People hate dog fouling. It has a very negative impact on how they view their city, their street or even their own close.

"The majority of dog owners are respectful of other people and pick up after their pets but those that don't must face the consequences.

"For some reason, a minority of people think this behaviour is perfectly acceptable. Even worse, they think they will never be caught.

"I want to turn that on its head. We are targeting dog fouling with real conviction using intense resources such as enforcement officers, CCTV and direct communication with local residents.

"We will chase payment from people who are fined and we will use every tool in the box to confront persistent offenders.

"It is dirty, dangerous and antisocial. It is also completely unnecessary and through the clean Glasgow campaign, I can assure you we cannot and will not tolerate it."

Mr Matheson added: "We are extremely pleased with the progress we are making. I am especially happy with the level of support Clean Glasgow is receiving from the general public.

"The overwhelming majority of Glaswegians are making it clear they will not accept this anti-social behaviour and are phoning in to report those who flout the law."

Fines for dog fouling start at £40 and rise to £60 if unpaid within 28 days.

Dirty dog owners can be reported through the Clean Glasgow hotline on 0800 027 7027.