PLANS for parking charge changes in part of Glasgow's West End have been slated by residents.

Current permit holders are angry the proposals will remove their priority to park outside their homes and claim the changes will lead to "traffic chaos".

The council is consulting on a plan to introduce parking bays in Hillhead to be used by residents and visitors, with the cost of a permit being reduced and others charged pay and display rates.

The Evening Times revealed ni last night that other planned changes would see the cost of resident permits reduced from £135 to £50, but businesses being charged £700 a year for parking spaces near their premises.

Jean Charsley, secretary of Hillhead Community Council, said it would lead to traffic chaos in an already congested area.

She said: "Our meeting was almost unanimous in its objection. There will be no priority for residents and more pay and display.

"There are already problems with getting into residents' bays. We think this is a cash cow for the council, which is not paying attention to residents.

"There will not be enough spaces to go round - it will be chaos."

Martha Wardrop, Green Party councillor for Hillhead, said: "I do not want this pushed through, leading to traffic chaos, for it then to be reversed."

One permit holder said: "I am a single mother of three with a disabled child who needs a car for runs to two different schools and trips to hospital.

"This will be a first-come, first- served system to benefit people from outside the area and meet the demands of businesses. Residents do not want it."

The public has until March 14 to comment on the plans. You can send an e-mail to:

A council spokesman said: "The range of parking controls in use, and the facilities we invest in, are in line with our Local Transport Strategy, which seeks to support greater use of public transport. It is also realistic about current car use and supporting businesses."