Take a group of young people dancing at iconic Glasgow locations to the upbeat Pharrell Williams track Happy, throw in some kilts and a dash of fancy footwork - and you have a super cheesy viral hit on your hands.

You can't help but love the video by Happy Glasgow, which has attracted over 30,000 hits since it was posted on Monday.

The idea is the brainchild of marketing executives Jen Degnan (22) and Scott Hutcheson (23), who work for CEM software company Opinurate, and were inspired by Pharrell Williams' Happy music video.

They rounded up some volunteers, braved the elements and with the help of videographer Ross Williamson took to the iconic locations of Glasgow to shoot their own version - in kilts. 

The pair wanted to celebrate the fantastic year ahead for the city with events including  Radio 1's Big Weekend, the Commonwealth Games and the MTV Europe Music Awards taking place.

They felt it was time to show the world just how happy Glaswegians are to be part of such a unique city, and with an eclectic range of kilts donated by MacGregor and MacDuff Kiltmakers for the boys and tartan ensembles worn by the girls, they showed off their moves in true Scottish style.

Jen said: "We are really happy with the response so far and I have to thank all my family and friends who have helped us promote the video and everyone who was involved in making it."

The video was launched on the same day as the BBC show The Street highlighted some negative scenes featuring the city, and Jen hopes their Happy scenes will translate into what she sees as a more realistic image of the city.

She said: "It came out the same day as The Street which showed a very negative side of the city and featured racism. I would say that is certainly not something I see everyday in the city. I wanted to highlight the positives and show how unique people in Glasgow are and how they are always willing to help each other.

"The fact that young people gave up their time for free, danced about in the rain and gale forces winds to do this video shows how much they love Glasgow."

The group are hoping to eventually compete with other Happy videos which were filmed in cities across the world including Paris.

But for now they will be delighted with more of the positive feedback they have received so far.