A CARER who is ­being chased for hundreds of pounds in bus lane fines said she never received the penalty charge ­notices.

Maureen Wilkie's car was snapped three times in the bus lane in Glassford Street in the city centre.

But the grandmother said the first she knew of the fines was a letter from a debt collector.

She called the council to discover she was facing three separate fines but as weeks had passed without her knowing about them, they had increased to hundreds of pounds.

Maureen, who cares for her disabled husband, sent off three cheques for £30 which were all cashed.

But she is still being chased for nearly £300.

And £200, which she says she cannot afford to lose, has been suspended from her bank account on the actions of debt collectors appointed by the council.

They have advised that they will arrest nearly £160 of this in the coming weeks.

Glasgow City Council told Maureen that she owes them two payments of £60 for two fines from February 21 and 27, last year.

She turned to the Scottish Parking Appeals Service over these fines but this was unsuccessful.

And debt collectors also claim she owes them £170 for the first bus lane contravention, which took place in October, 2012.

Maureen lives in High Blantyre in South Lanarkshire, and cares for her husband Douglas, who was injured in a train crash in 1979.

The former Dundee United footballer suffered serious ­injuries which left him in a wheelchair.

Her son Kyle, 22, who plays for Livingston Football Club, was driving her Fiat Punto in Glasgow when he strayed into the bus lane.

Maureen said: "I am not denying that the car was driven in the lane.

"My son was driving in Glasgow at the time and he isn't familiar with the streets, so unfortunately made this mistake.

"Had I received the initial penalty notices in the post I would have paid them straight away.

"I do not have a problem with paying £30 for each - as I have now done.

"But I did not receive these initial letters and I don't think I should be forced to pay extra for ­something that is not my fault.

"I have asked the council to provide proof that these initial penalty charge notices were delivered to me but they can't."

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: "The driver took her appeal to the Scottish Parking Appeals Service in the knowledge that all parties must abide by its judgement.

"The appeals service found in the council's favour, however the driver is choosing not to respect this decision."