PET walkers have hit out at Glasgow City Council as overflowing dog dirt bins are becoming an eyesore - not to mention creating a stench.

Barely a week after the Evening Times reported that the number of people fined for not cleaning up after their dogs had doubled in the space of 10 months, dog walkers in one part of the city are complaining that the bins are not being emptied.

And the unpleasant sight of overflowing bins in Lanark Street near Glasgow Green not only means responsible owners have nowhere to dispose of their animal's poop - it's also causing a nasty smell.

Mairi Robertson lives near the Architectural Conservation Area in Lanark Street, off Greendyke Street.

She walks her dog in the area and is growing frustrated at the sight of the bins overflowing with bagged dog dirt.

She said: "The bins have been overflowing for more than two weeks now.

"It's a real eyesore and it's also creating a terrible smell.

"It's frustrating to read in the Evening Times that the council is getting tough on dog walkers who don't clean up after their dogs, when at the same time the council is not emptying these bins.

"My understanding is it's not the regular bin lorries who empty these dog dirt bins.

"It's supposed to be someone who comes round in a cart to do it, but whatever the case it's clearly not working.

"There used to be bigger bins, and more of them.

"But they were removed and now there's only one bin between here and the city centre for dog waste."

As reported in the Evening Times last week, Clean Glasgow's ongoing campaign to force irresponsible dog owners to clean up their act has resulted in 1398 fixed penalty notices issued since April last year - almost double the 760 fines handed out in the previous year.

The anti-dog fouling campaign has received overwhelming public support.

Last year, 1298 calls were made to the Clean Glasgow hotline about problems with dog dirt.

A council spokesman said: "It is very encouraging to see the headway we are making with the Clean Glasgow campaign.

"The vast majority of responsible dog owners clean up after their dogs and use the facilities we provide.

"On this occasion, we haven't reached the expected standard and will empty the bins as soon as possible."