WEARY train passengers had their spirits lifted when a group of comics boarded a London to Glasgow service.

Virgin's London to Glasgow intercity service pulled out of Euston Station yesterday with eight comedians on board, determined to put more than a few smiles on the faces of 500 passengers.

This first-ever comedy performance on a high speed train was hosted by Bruce Devlin and featured Glasgow Comedy Festival stars Patrick Monahan, John Hastings, Damian Clark, Jojo Sutherland, Ray Bradshaw, John Gavin and Phil Nichol.

The event, part of a bold attempt to highlight the Comedy Festival - and advertise that those attending gigs are entitled to 20% off advance tickets to and from Glasgow with Virgin Trains - gave a whole new meaning to the term 'comedy training'.

Bruce Devlin's clever musings saw the specially-convened comedy carriage power into life as the train hurtled past Watford, followed by a high-speed Aussie comedian Damian Clark who had the travellers laughing with jokes about Aussie and Brit time expressions.

Canadian John Hastings was quickly on a roll poking fun at some passengers. He said to one, to me in fact: "You're a white cat away from being a Bond villain."

Patrick Monahan had the older people in laughing as he talked of growing old.

"Old people eventually become 98% fluid," he claimed. "The other 2% biscuit."

The verdict?

The unique stunt certainly went down a treat with the passengers.