A MOTHERWELL couple had a lucky escape after a fire broke out in their home.

Firefighters fought the blaze in the upper floors of the Brandon Court high rise block at around 12pm on Thursday.

The fire started after a chip pan cooker was accidentally switched, the fire service said.

A large amount of smoke filled the kitchen and a man and a woman suffered smoke inhalation as a result.

They were taken to Wishaw General Hospital for precautionary check-ups.

Watch Manager Robert McNaughton, the incident commander, said: "A small fire in a chip pan had caused a large amount of smoke to fill the kitchen.

"Firefighters in breathing apparatus quickly put out the flames using a dry powder extinguisher and our crews provided oxygen therapy to two people who had suffered smoke inhalation.

"This fire started when a chip pan on the cooker was accidentally switched on.

"It shows how easily a fire can start and why we all need to take action to reduce the risk to ourselves and those around us.

"We know even a moment's distraction can see a fire start in the kitchen and small fires still produce thick smoke that threatens lives and can cause significant damage to property.

"Thankfully this home was protected by a working smoke alarm and the residents had the presence to mind to get out, closing the kitchen door behind them as they left, and call us out."