A TRAM/TRAIN link from Glasgow Airport would provide better value for money than the cancelled Glasgow Airport Rail Link would have, according to the Transport Minister.

Keith Brown said the possibility of a new scheme would be investigated but did not say such a link would definitely happen.

He was asked in the Scottish Parliament by Lab-our transport spokesman, Mark Griffin if the link would involve any land being purchased as land previously bought for the original Garl project has now been sold.

Mr Brown said: "We made it clear we were not prepared to fund a heavy rail option, that's why we proceeded with the sale of the land."

He said the point of the study was to look in more detail and the Scottish Government was supportive of it. He said: "The cost bene-fit ratio is three times the benefit of a heavy rail link."

Last week Mr Brown said the review of surface access to the airport would recomm-end a tram link from the airport to Paisley Gilmour Street station, which could then run on the train line into the city centre.

Mr Brown, who said the immediate answer was better bus links from the airport to the Paisley station, said the long-term option of a tram was being looked at.

He said: "Bus services won't require land. It's perfectly possible a train/tram system will require land. That's why I have asked officials to look into it."

Mr Griffin had asked why Garl land was sold when it was uncertain if there was demand for land for a new airport transport project.

Mr Brown said there were issues with the report but refused to say if the tram/train link would be supported.

He said: "Let's look at what benefits people going to and from Glasgow Airport might get, away from the use of private car and taxi."

The full report, by the airport strategy review group, is to be published after March 12.

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