A SEVEN-year flooding problem is being ignored by council bosses, it was claimed today.

Furious residents claim overflowing drains are making their lives a misery.

They say it is causing flood water to spill into gardens, resulting in major hazards to drivers and pedestrians.

The worst cases have been reported in the north of the city in Springboig and Springburn.

The council says it is monitoring the flooding problems.

But grandad-of-six Jim Burns said he has been dealing with flooding outside his home in Hermiston Road since 2007.

The 51-year-old said: "I've had to buy welly boots because I can't even take my shopping out of the boot if I'm not wearing them.

"At times the water gets so high it comes into the gardens.

"I've had to pull up ruined carpets because my grandkids have come into the house after stomping through the water.

"After numerous calls from residents there has only ever been one crew who came out, sucked up the excess water then left.

"There's never been any investigation into the problem."

Angus Sleith lives near to the corner of Balgraybank Street and Boghead Road, in Springburn.

He said water had overflowed through his hedge and into his garden several times.

The 50-year-old said: "It's like a swimming pool.

"This choked gully has been like this for about four weeks. We've phoned the council and reported it but they've never come out.

"I've seen buses and cars try to swerve round it and almost hit people walking their dogs."

In nearby Hillhouse Street an overflowing drain at the junction of Drumbottie Road is causing more problems.

Frazer Thomson, who lives in Hillhouse Street, said he had made several phone calls to the council's roads repair teams since December but the flooding has not been fully cleared.

The 45-year-old said: "It is really frustrating because it's been like that since December.

"I've been logging calls since then but you have to do it all individually.

"When they came out to one choked gully they didn't fix the other one.

"I appreciate it's not as bad as some of the flooding that England has experienced but it is still a hazard to drivers and pedestrians."

A spokesman from Glasgow City Council said instances of "minor ponding" and excess water had been reported at Hillhouse Street and Hermiston Road.

He said a team had removed excess water in Hermiston Road and was monitoring the situation, and the other cases were being monitored as well.