HUNDREDS of reckless motorists have been caught using their mobile phone while driving in Glasgow.

Shocking figures obtained by the Evening Times reveal almost 600 drivers were booked for flouting the law in the city centre.

Around 40 irresponsible motorists were caught every week during a four-month crackdown on some of the city's busiest streets.

Our figures also show the number of people caught using their mobile phone while driving has soared by more than 30% in the last four months.

Police chiefs today slammed the dangerous behaviour of some city motorists who are putting lives at risk.

Senior officers warned drivers are FOUR times more likely to crash if they use a mobile phone while driving.

Chief Inspector Alan Porte, said: "It is frustrating that so many people continue to flout the law and put themselves and other at risk."

Data released to the Evening Times reveal 121 motorists were caught on the phone in Glasgow city centre last October.

The figure had risen steadily since then to 142 in November; 157 in December; and 160 in January. All will receive Fixed Penalty Notices and some will have points imposed on their licences.

Drivers can find themselves receiving three penalty points and £100 if caught using their mobile phone.

It comes after a report revealed Glasgow is among the worst places in the UK for drivers using mobile phones.

Mr Porte, area commander for Glasgow city centre, said: "Police Scotland is committed to reducing the numbers of people killed and injured on Scottish roads.

"The use of mobile phones while driving is clearly a contributory factor in driver safety and as a result we will continue to target this behaviour."

According to the latest government figures, there were 9747 accidents, in which more than 12,000 people were injured, in 2012.

More than 2100 were killed in the same period.

Last year, new measures were announced by the UK Government to crack down on careless driving.

Police can issue £100 fines and three points for offences that would currently have to go to court.

Fixed penalties for using a phone while driving, or not wearing a seatbelt, also increased from £40 to £100.

Drivers are able to appeal any decision through the courts.