Andrea Keenan and her friends could not believe their luck when Michael Buble picked them out at his Hydro gig last night, after spotting their poster asking for a kiss.

Andrea, 40, from Shotts had brought along the poster made by her 13-year-old daughter Niamh which said 'If you're ever gonna kiss me it had better be tonight'.

The impressive banner, made up of six sheets of A4 paper and ringed by fairy lights, clearly caught the attention of Buble who asked Andrea and her four friends to come forward for a kiss.

All of them got a peck on the cheek, and even got their picture taken with the star.

Andrea said: "He came down the steps and asked us to come forward.

"One of the girls asked if she could take a selfie with him but he said selfies were selfish and introduced us to his security guy Jose who took a picture.

"It was brilliant, I was shaking like a leaf.

"I texted my daughter to tell her that her poster had worked and I had got a kiss. I was so happy."

Mum-of-two Andrea has always been a massive Buble fan, but says she loves him even more now.

Her friends Fiona Barr, Sofia Crolla, Lynn Kelly and Jacqueline Macfarlane were equally delighted to meet Buble.