Rangers fans today welcomed reports that Dave King is expected to jet into Glasgow in a move which could kick start a fans' revolt.

The former Ibrox director King is due to return to his home city on Friday to oversee the formation of a trust.

The wealthy South Africa-based businessman wants Rangers fans to pool their season ticket money this summer - instead of giving it to the club.

He believes they should only release it on a "pay-as-they-play" basis when the board has answered questions on how their cash will be used.

The move follows the revelation that Rangers had agreed a loan of £1 million with major shareholders Laxey Partners.

Laxey stand to make a £150,000 profit when the loan is repaid in September.

The fact the cash is secured on the Albion car parking facilities has also alarmed many Rangers supporters.

Documents lodged at Registers House on Friday appeared to show that season ticket money will be used to replay the loan.

King has revealed he will fly in to London on Wednesday where he will hold meetings with institutional investors.

He then expects to move on to Glasgow on Friday where he will have talks with representatives of the Union of Fans about setting up a trust.

King said he arrives in London on Wednesday. Depending on his final London schedule, he should be in Glasgow on Friday.

He said: "A lot is possible. What is probable depends entirely on the resolve of the fans."

The Union of Fans - an umbrella organisation comprising six supporters organisations - is spearheading the bid to withhold season ticket money.

They have had 30,000 leaflets printed off outlining their aims and handed them out at the William Hill Scottish Cup quarter-final with Albion Rovers at Ibrox yesterday.

Union spokesman Chris Graham said: "I'm delighted that Dave King is sticking to the timescale that he indicated. This is precisely what he said he was going to do.

"He indicated before that he is going to go to institutional investors which I think is the right thing to do.

"He has got to treat them with the respect they deserve given the money they have invested in the club.

"He will have more people than the fans to meet when he comes to Glasgow. He has indicated a willingness to meet with the board.

"He will be a busy man. But we are looking forward to meeting with him later this week and moving our plans forward."