A GLASGOW driver has hit out at the council after he was given a fine for parking in the spot he has used for FIVE years.

Jamie MacBrayne was shocked to discover a ticket on his car after he parked up on Partick Bridge Street, near his home.

A few months earlier, Mr MacBrayne claims he asked a parking warden if he was safe to park in the area - an unmarked stretch of road between two lengths of double yellow lines.

Mr MacBrayne said she had told him diplomatically that she wouldn't give him a ticket but she couldn't speak for other wardens.

Jamie says the parking system on the road is a shambles and needs to be more clearly defined.

Now he is demanding the council improve the layout of the street to make it clear where residents can and cannot park.

He said: "I am frustrated. I already specifically asked the parking warden a few months before and she said she wouldn't give me a ticket but she couldn't speak for her colleagues."

Mr MacBrayne, who works for a hi-fi company, appealed the fine in December last year, but it was upheld after it was issued just before Christmas.

A response from Glasgow City Council stated: "The issuing Parking Attendants have noted the vehicle was parked adjacent to an area marked with double yellow road and kerb markings.

"An informative plate was situated at the vehicle.

"There is a total prohibition on waiting and loading for any class of vehicle at all times."

Mr MacBrayne paid the fine to avoid further charges then wrote back to the council to request clarification on where it is acceptable to park in the area.

The "informative plate" the council referred to is a sign, but it is located above the section of road with double yellow lines.

Mr MacBrayne said: "There are only about 11 or 12 parking spaces there for what is a busy part of town.

"It is extremely difficult to find a space and there is a new pub just opened up in the area, meaning there is a lot more vehicles there now.

"There is already a problem with people double parking and parking illegally.

"I am all for the parking wardens coming and enforcing the restrictions but they should put double yellow lines on it if you can't park there.

"Until they have done that I don't see how they can be issuing tickets."

A spokesman from Glasgow City Council said the street where Jamie had been parked when he got the ticket was a turning zone and a dead end.

He said: "Unless using a marked parking bay, there is a total prohibition on waiting and loading for any vehicle in the street at all times.

"An independent appeals process is available to any motorist not satisfied by the outcome of the council's decision."

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