PLANS to transform Paisley will be opened up to members of the public.

In January, Renfrewshire Council unveiled a multi-million pound scheme to kickstart regeneration and boost the town's tourist economy.

Key recommendations ­include a revamp of Paisley Museum, a new theatre space and investigating whether Paisley could receive UNESCO World Heritage status.

It is hoped the work could result in a bid for UK City of Culture status in 2021.

Council staff have started meeting local businesses and community groups to explain the detail behind the plans.

Council leader Mark Macmillan said: "The next few years are going to be hugely exciting for Renfrewshire as we aim to lead a multi- million pound investment in our tourist potential and a possible UK City of Culture bid.

"The strategy is a bold statement of where we want the area to be - but for us to reach our potential, we will need to work in partnership with a wide range of groups who also stand to benefit.

"That will require contributions from a range of people - from public-sector bodies to business leaders to cultural groups to residents and everyone in between, as we look to transform perceptions of Paisley at home and abroad.

"Over the months ahead, I want us to harness the talents of all interested parties and give them the chance to help us transform Paisley's future."

Tom Johnston, president of Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce, described the plans being taken forward as far-reaching and unique and said the local business community will benefit as a result.

It is estimated the plans could boost Renfrewshire's tourist economy by £45million a year and create around 800 jobs.

Paisley has more than 100 listed buildings, rare books and paintings and the finest Paisley shawl collection in the world.