COMMUTERS arriving at Glasgow’s Central Station “overwhelmed” rail and charity bosses with food donations within minutes of the start of a 12-hour charity drive.

As soon as the food bank opened at 7am today, there was a flurry of passengers handing over bags of groceries to a Network Rail trailer set up in the middle of the station.
Within an hour, rail staff were having to move the donations to another area of the station to make way for more donations.
Glasgow comedian Kevin Bridges got behind today’s drive, tweeting: “Food bank collection at Glasgow Central 7am to 7pm. @David_Cameron @George_Osborne RT boays?”
The 12-hour food bank was organised by Network Rail for Glasgow City Mission, after the charity warned stocks of emergency food rations were severely depleted due to demand for the service.
Jim Frizzle, Customer Service Assistant, came into work on annual leave to take collect from passengers and other workers who had made a
detour to support the drive.
He said: “There was a radio announcement just before 7am saying we better get ready as there was lots of passengers asking where to deliver bags.
“We have been absolutely overwhelmed.”
Euan Miller, 27, from the West End, who was among those donating, said: “I come through here every day, and I saw it advertised. Everyone has food in their cupboard that they don’t need. It’s so sad that people are dependant on food banks.”
Pamela Docherty, 39, from Simshill, said: “I just felt it was the right thing to do. It’s really handy for me having the bank at the station.”
Grant Campbell, Chief
Executive of Glasgow City Mission, said: “We are really thrilled. Once again, people have risen to the challenge. Clearly we are delighted but any charity wants to see the end of food banks.
“The politicians say there is no hard evidence that foodbanks are linked to welfare changes but we disagree.
“Research shows 80% of people on benefits who have had sanctions applied have been successful in their appeal. This suggests that these sanctions are inappropriate.
“We want people to know that the nation is hurting.”
The charity says it is
particularly in need of
donations of tinned meat and fish, toiletries and baby food.