POLICE in Glasgow's South Side welcomed a new baby boy to their beat.

Little Adam was so keen to meet his parents that he started to arrive in the back of a taxi as mum and dad made their way to hospital.

The quick-thinking cabbie drove straight to Cathcart Police Office - where ­Sergeant John Hendry, Constable Sarah Deary, and ­Police Custody Officer Lynn ­Docherty helped bring him into the world.

They used sterile prisoner blankets to keep mum warm and took instructions from the ambulance service on how to assist delivery.

­Sergeant Hendry, who has served for 17 years, said: "The driver came running into the office saying there was a woman giving birth in the back of his taxi.

"Three of us ran outside to help and found the baby about to be delivered.

"Besides my own two children, it was my first experience of helping a baby be born - and was quite tricky in the back of a Skoda.

"Linzi, the mum, was obviously in a bit of discomfort but she was stoic and absolutely amazing. It was quite emotional."

The baby boy arrived in the world just as ambulance crews appeared on the scene, shortly before midnight on Wednesday.

Mum Linzi Murray, 25, and little Adam were taken to hospital to be checked over but are both doing well.

On the Police Scotland ­Facebook page mum Linzi paid tribute to the officers.

She wrote: "Thank u so much for all your help and support. We are so grateful for everything the three ­officers done on wednesday night to ensure the safe arrival of adam. Myself and adam are doing really well. Many thanks again and ­hooray to the emergency services xx."