A CITY charity dug deep to mark its first anniversary.

Staff from The Advisory Group, a charity run by people with disabilities, planted a tree in Glasgow Green to mark a year since the group's foundation.

The charity made the decision to plant the tree to show how it has grown in its first year.

There are now more than 200 members of TAG across nine branches in Scotland, who are promoting inclusion and challenging discrimination.

Leam Mackeown, development manager at TAG, said: "Our members have some very inspiring stories on conquering the barriers life and, sometimes, society has put in their way.

"Our decision to plant a tree brought together the symbol of our growth as a charity, the strength of our hopes for the future and in Glasgow Green, a symbol in itself of the solidarity of the people of the city."

Members of the small volunteer-run charity have campaigned on a range of disabled issues, including service cuts, and have been involved with initiatives such as improving NHS services and disability awareness training in primary schools.

TAG was originally set up in 1996 to enable people with disabilities to have a stronger voice in the services they use and in their local communities.

Leam added: "All of the work is done by our members, who are all unpaid volunteers. They all have the passion and hope of making Glasgow a fairer, more equal city, where everyone's gifts and talents are recognised and valued."