BETWEEN them they have 8336 years of ­service.

Workers who have more than 35 years service with arms-length council company City Building have been hailed at an awards ceremony.

And among them was Robert Fisher, from Easterhouse, who has worked for the firm for 45 years - without a single day off sick.

He was joined by Jim McLaughlin, from Royston, who, at 47 years working for the company, is City Building's longest serving employee.

At the age of 15 Jim began working for the Direct Works Department of Glasgow City Council, which became City Building in 2007.

His first job was supporting the construction team before undertaking his plumbing apprenticeship the following year.

Jim said: "I started off as a 'runner' in a small yard in Bardowie Street helping out where I was needed. It's funny to think that 47 years' later I'm working on that street again to deliver an elderly care home in the area.

"Over the years I have come across so many characters while out and about on jobs with City Building - every door was an adventure."

The awards, which took place in Glasgow City Chambers recognised the company's dedicated staff.

Throughout his years at the company, Jim has worked on some of the most famous buildings in the city. including the Mitchell Library, Gallery of Modern Art and the City Chambers where he received his award.

Jim is also part of the team that will provide maintenance in many of the arenas and buildings owned by Glasgow Life during the Commonwealth Games.

As a celebration of his 47 years, Jim and his wife Louise have been invited to attend Her Majesty the Queen's Garden Party in Edinburgh later this year.

Councillor Paul Carey, Chair at City Building, said: "City Building's good reputation for quality work on projects throughout Glasgow is thanks to the hard work of its staff.

"They are our ambassadors and that is why we wanted to reward the 250 employees who have worked with us for more than 35 years - our success is in large part down to their high work standards and professionalism."

City Building hopes to hold more awards ceremonies in future to recognise the hard work and dedication of its 2200 skilled employees.

This year more than 250 staff with 35 years service or more were honoured.