VICTIMS are to be ­interviewed as part of a review into the way the Catholic Church in Scotland handles abuse allegations.

As reported in later editions of yesterday's Evening Times, former prison chief, Dr Andrew McLellan, is heading up the commission.

Yesterday he vowed a "firm commitment to discovering the truth".

Announcing details of the commission's ­remit, Dr McLellan said it will listen to the experience of survivors of abuse, as it aims to identify what aspects of safeguarding within the church have "helped or hindered" ­issues being raised.

Dr McLellan said: "With the commissioners now in place we can begin to undertake the challenging task that will be the work of the Commission.

"Of paramount concern is the contribution we can make to bringing about the best protection of many vulnerable children and adults.

"As well as setting up this commission, the Catholic Church in Scotland has also given a robust commitment to acting upon all of its recommendations."

Last year, it was ­announced that The McLellan Commission was to undertake "a critical review of safeguarding policy, procedure and practice within the Catholic Church in Scotland."

It was confirmed today that it will make recommendations for improvement.

Dr McLennan also named the 11 commiss-ioners that will assist him in the task.

Among them are Ranald Mair, chief executive of Scottish Care and Roisin McGoldrick, from Glasgow School of Social Work. The final report is due to be delivered next summer.