NICOLA Sturgeon has set out six reasons why Scotland should vote Yes to independence in September.

The Deputy First Minister wants Scotland's resources to be used to fund childcare and job creation and to protect public services.

Her six reasons for a Yes vote are:

lTo create more jobs and opportunities for people in Scotland.

lTo spend tax revenues on Scotland's priorities.

lTo ensure Scotland gets the governments it votes for.

lTo protect the NHS from Westminster privatisation.

lTo set retirement ages to suit Scotland's circumstances and guarantee pensions.

lTo set up an oil fund to benefit future generations.

Ms Sturgeon said current economic policies favoured London and the south east of England.

She argued that an independent Scotland would have £600 million extra a year to spend because there would be no need to fund the House of Lords, Trident or Westminster MPs.

The Glasgow Southside SNP MSP said even though Scottish MPs voted against the bedroom tax and means testing child benefit, it was imposed on Scotland anyway.

She also wants an oil fund, stating there is as much revenue left in the North Sea as has already been taken out, leaving billions to invest for future generations.

Ms Sturgeon said: "The referendum is a choice between taking Scotland's future into Scotland's hands or leaving our future in the hands of an out-of-touch Westminster establishment.

"The No campaign call themselves Project Fear, but we have seen a move to Project Threat in recent days with increasingly over-the-top comments.

"So it's no wonder that support for Yes continues to advance in the polls while the No campaign has stalled - with a swing of only around 5% now needed to secure a Yes vote in September.

"We will continue to make the positive case, setting out how we can make the great wealth of Scotland work better and more fairly for everyone who lives here."

The Deputy First Minister said Labour's Devolution Commission plans amounted to "limited ambition" and were watered down from their original intentions and was a result of a power struggle between Holyrood MSPs and Westminster MPs.

She said: "I welcome the fact that all parties agree the status quo is not good enough and are now committed to bringing more powers to the Scottish Parliament.

"But the only option on the table that delivers more powers is a Yes vote in September - there is no guarantee that any new powers would be delivered in the event of a No vote.

"Today's proposals are a huge watering down of what Labour had proposed in their interim report - it is less about powers for Scotland, and more about a power struggle within the Labour party - and it is clear that Westminster Labour have won."