A charity that helps abused men is to receive almost £420,000 from a £12million fund for survivors of domestic violence.

The Big Lottery Fund cash is being awarded to 24 projects across Scotland as part of its Becoming a Survivor programme.

Abused Men in Scotland (AMIS) will receive £419,283 to help expand its services, which include a national helpline.

Aaron Slater, who is a helpline and support manager for AMIS, commneted: "Of particular significance is the message that the Big Lottery Fund communicates to all the men in Scotland who are suffering domestic abus: we recognise domestic abuse affects you, and you deserve to be recognised and supported to become a survivor."

He told how the cash would help deliver "an expansion of the AMIS national helpline service in terms of greatly increased opening times with the possibility of more practical and sustained assistance".

AMIS will also be working in partnership with Edinburgh-based charity Rowan Alba to deliver a new face-to-face support service which it hopes will better meet the needs of men affected by domestic abuse.

Jackie Killeen, Scotland director for the Big Lottery Fund, said the £12million of grants being awarded would "help to build support around the needs of some of Scotland's most vulnerable and hidden people".

NHS Lanarkshire is being awarded £701,030 for its domestic abuse response project which aims to help victims feel safer, secure a home and get access to specialist emotional and practical support.

Ann Hayne, gender based violence manager at NHS Lanarkshire, said it was "absolutely delighted" with the support of the Big Lottery Fund.