A MUM and daughter ordered to pack up their belongings and move from their home of 10 years will be allowed to stay until June.

Asylum seekers Tashi Tahir, 17 and her mum Sharanee Bashir, 36, were told by housing provider Orchard and Shipman that they had to be ready by 9.30am today to leave their home in Knightswood, in west Glasgow.

But Serco, which provides accommodation to asylum seekers in Scotland on behalf of the Home Office, last night said they would postpone the move until after Tashi finishes her final school exams.

As the Evening Times highlighted, Tashi and her mum, who fled their home country of Pakistan and came to Scotland a decade ago, received a letter from Orchard and Shipman on Friday notifying them of the move.

They were not told where or why they had to move, only that their new home would be in the east of Glasgow.

It is understood that the lease on the family's home was due to be handed back to the landlord. However, the lease has now been extended in light of the family's circumstances.

James Thorburn, Serco's Home Affairs Director, said: "I'm pleased to say that we have worked out a solution that means Ms Bashir can now stay in the property until her daughter finishes her exams in June.

"At that point, we will then need to find alternative accommodation for the family."

Tashi and her mum are now being represented by Glasgow-based law firm Hamilton Burns.

Niall Mickel, managing partner at Hamilton Burns, said the company would work with the family to support them.

He said: "This is a difficult time for this vulnerable family.

"We intend to explore all legal avenues to ensure they can remain in their home, where they are settled in the community and where they have a network of support."

Tashi is preparing to sit her sixth year exams in May.

As well as being a talented pupil at St Thomas Aquinas School, Tashi is a carer for her mum, who has mental health problems.

The teenager is fearful of what being moved miles from her home will do to her family.

She said: "It is really great that we don't have to move. I hope if we do have to move it can be in this area."

The family is being backed by local politician Bill Kidd.

He raised concerns over the way in which the family was to be evicted.

The Glasgow Anniesland SNP MSP, said: "Ms Bashir and her daughter Tashi are members of our community and have been shabbily treated by having an unsigned letter from Orchard and Shipman pushed through their door on Friday telling them to pack up and be moved to another area just days later, miles from friends and Tashi's school.

"This is unacceptable behaviour by this company."