LABOUR leader Ed Miliband said there was an alternative to an ­independent Scotland and to a Tory UK.

He said the SNP was attempting to convince Scots there was a choice between a Tory UK and an independent Scotland but he said it was false.

Mr Miliband said the problems being encountered in Scotland were being encountered by millions of people in England too.

Speaking on the opening Day of the Scottish Labour Conference in Perth, Mr Miliband said Alex Salmond was ­offering a race to the bottom.

He said: "Don't believe the argument there is a Tory England and a ­progressive Scotland.

"There are millions of people in England who want us to do something about youth unemployment, there are millions who think it's unacceptable there is a cost of living crisis and they want us to do something about it. And we will."

He said the alternative was Labour at Westminster and Labour at Holyrood. He continued: "We need a race to the top, not a race to the bottom. England and Scotland ­divided would mean a race to the bottom with David Cameron and Alex Salmond in the starting lanes.

"We need fair rules across the UK, that's why we are better together."