A CAT owner was "horrified" to discover her beloved pet had been dumped down a rubbish chute.

Traumatised tabby Tigger was found scared and injured in a bin inside a locked shed after wandering out of owner Danielle Rennie's Maryhill flat.

The mum-of-one, who lives in Wyndford Road, said the house cat could not have jumped down the chute, which is covered by a heavy door, and must have been forced down, falling three floors into the locked shed below.

She said: "I can't understand why any-one would so this to a defenceless animal. It is disgusting. Tigger is traumatised."

The family pet, which Danielle has had since he was a kitten, was only found after she hear his panicked cries coming from the outdoor shed.

Tigger has been left with a painful swelling on his side.

Danielle, 24, became concerned about the five-year-old cat after he disappeared from her flat eight days ago. She said: "My little boy Ciaran is only 20 months old and he loves Tigger. He was asking where he was."

She thinks the cat may have escaped as she took her dog out for a walk.

Danielle spent the day searching for Tigger but to no avail and she heard his cries when she went out at night to look for him.

Danielle added: "When we got the door opened I found him in one of the bins. I was horrified. Tigger hasn't been himself since and spends his time hiding under my bed."

If you have informa-tion about what happ-ened, email animal charity Help 2 Rehome Scotland on h2rs Scotland@yahoo.co.uk

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